Corporate Thriller- 31: Full of Office Politics, Gossip and Scandal

31 is a wonderful tale about a bank professional’s vicissitudes in view of international banking debacle. The way Upendra engages you and forces you to turn page after page to learn what happens next stands witness to his story-telling genius.ImageThe story is about Ravi Shastri, a regional head at an international bank, whose life is like a framed picture. It is beautiful but finds unpleasant alteration. Trouble strikes Imperial Bank in Brazil, and the Imperial Bank strikes the international banking system. India too suffers the jolt, which is felt by the staff of the bank in which Ravi is working. One and all scurry to save their position in the bank which is set to lay off one-fifth of its staff.

Adding fuel to the fire, Ravi’s wife has personal and professional problems. So, now Ravi has to look after the workers working under him, his wife and himself – all at once. He tries to help the situation but exactly at this juncture he receives a kick on his ass from some mysterious jerk named @ImperialInsider on tweeter. This mysterious person tweets, and when he or she tweets, what do you think can happen?


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